Lloyd Banks's recent tweet sparked a discussion on The Joe Budden Podcast. Last week, a fan of the former G-Unit rapper asked when he would be releasing new music. Banks replied by writing, "Let’s be real..ain’t nobody checking for banks anymore." This sparked an onslaught of support for the rapper, causing him to assure the public that he was just joking with his previous comment.

However, there are some who don't believe that Banks was kidding around at all. Budden, along with his podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal, chatted about the state of hip hop and if there's room for veteran rappers who have been silent for years to return to the rap game. The answer is yes, but Budden says that "dinosaurs" such as Banks would need to put in more work than others in order to get a buzz going. Also, while it is true that Banks hasn't put out a studio album since 2010, he's been steadily releasing mixtapes for years. His last dropped in 2016 and he was featured on Dave East's Paranoia 2 mixtape which was released in 2018.

"I don't feel like an artist, rapper, should ever get to this point," Budden said of Banks's tweet. "It's almost our job to not ever get to this point...To see him say it...To see him not only say it, but to say it to someone who is asking for new music is telling. It was f*cked up to me. This is the one guy, who, you're never gonna think he's doing something for attention or trolling or clout chasing. He's serious if he says something."

Nevertheless, there was enough uproar that Banks fans are now awaiting his next project but the rapper just tweeted, "😆 they gotta relax." Check out the full, and interesting, The Joe Budden Podcast conversation below.