We can all breathe a sigh of relief because it looks like Lloyd Banks is not actually done with music. When fans started ragging on him to release some new material this week, the G-Unit rapper fought back by saying that nobody would even care if he did. "Let’s be real..ain’t nobody checking for banks anymore," he wrote on Twitter. The comment caused hip hop heads to gather and beg the OG to reconsider. Clearly, if Banks feels that way, he doesn't realize that we all genuinely just want to see him back on top of the game. Well, it seems the support worked because after his social media pages blew up with fans telling him that we do actually care, he's backpedalling a little. 


In a series of replies to the original tweet, Banks says that he was merely pulling everyone's leg. "Lol my bad..was just joking! Interacting with the ppl," he said. Another fan told him about the ruckus that the tweet caused and he seemed amused by all the commotion he caused with a few simple words. "They gotta relax," said the star with a laughing emoji.

We've got to say, we're pretty relieved that Lloyd Banks was just playing around. After Nicki Minaj announced her retirement today, it would be terrible to lose two legends on the same day. Now, we just want an album announcement from Banks!