What's this obsession with getting Elton John on rap records? Young Thug isn't the only resident hip-hopper who's made overtures to the living legend, as Q-Tip got him to guest star on Tribe's final solo project. In return, he and Logic spotted up repping the hip-hop massive on an Elton John tribute album that dropped in 2018.

Then there's the aforementioned Young Thug song with Elton John we all know and love. As my colleague so eloquently put it, "Salute to Young Thug for having a courageous sense of artistic vision, quietly leading the charge by example." Thugger's duet "High" feels right at home within the boundaries of unforced experimentation. Not too shabby considering Elton John spends the majority of his time working on musical scores.

Which leads to the following odd-couple pairing. The Instagram post (below) is quite telling. Future is a cunning person - come to think of it, Elton John is the only person standing in the way of a very random musical milestone. On Billboard's watch, Future narrowly missed besting Elton John's mark of 7 number one albums in the span of 3 years and some change.

"Future earned six No. 1 albums in just 3 years and 5 months, the quickest accumulation of no. 1s since Elton John in the 1970s," writes Billboard Charts, via Twitter. "He scored seven No. 1s in 3 years and 3 months."

So what's the deal with this obsessive interest in luring Elton John out of semi-retirement. And on another note, who's really gunning for this prospective Future x Elton collaboration. The Zone 6er said it himself, "me and my brother eltonjohn leaving the studio. Love is Love." You'd have to think Future is gunning for his crown on some level.