Celebrities are doing their parts to help raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts. Recently, Diddy hosted an Instagram Live Dance-a-Thon alongside his Combs Cartel kids. The hourslong stream helped raise $3 million, but of course, the good deed couldn't go without some bit of controversy. Lizzo joined the livestream to get in on the fun and began twerking. Diddy quickly shut that down when he heard the song she was listening to. He said he thought the language was too vulgar for the atmosphere. 

Christian Combs, Lizzo, Draya
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Later, Draya also made an appearance on the split-screen Live and twerked for the tens of thousands of viewers—a move that Diddy allowed. He was later accused of being "fatphobic," even after explaining himself. The rap mogul's 22-year-old son Christian Combs hopped on Live once again recently and not only named who the better twerker was between Lizzo and Draya, but he explained that his father didn't even know what was going on.

"Might have to give that to Lizzo, I ain't gon' lie, she was going a little too crazy," Christian said. "You know the funny thing about it, my pop didn't even see that she was twerking. He really just heard the music. He wasn't even in the frame if you watch the video back." Swipe through below to watch it all go down.