As previously reported, XXXTentacion hit up Instagram alleging that the Migos trio jumped him. 

He said the altercation happened at a recent show in Los Angeles where he detailed how someone pulled out a gun on him, his girl and friend adding that the Migos ran up on him after. 

"Fuck the Migos, straight up... Y'all n**** had the chance to kill me. How you have fire and ain't shoot me after all the shit I been talkin? How the fuck you ain't shoot me. Yall n**** pussy as fuck," he said. "Rap n**** be talking about how they killin' n**** and shootin' n**** and this and that but you caught me outside a hotel and bruh ain't shoot shit."

In his more recent re-calling of the incident, that left him battered and bruised, he clarifies that the Migos were not the ones to put their hands on him, saying it was their "entourage." 

"Pussy-ass Quavo and pussy-ass Offset and pussy-ass Liftoff ain't do shit," says X. "They sent they other n***as, their entourage, and ya'll pussy-ass n****s finna get knocked-," he concludes, stopping himself with a "nevermind!" 

Despite the on-and-off retelling of the event, he does add that he's suing the Culture rappers to "get all that QC label money."

The Twitterverse has reacted, as expected, and many call the actions against X karma for his domestic abuse on his former pregnant girlfriend, while some are calling the Migos "lame" for possibly doing such a thing. 

The Migos have yet to respond to the claims. Check out the tweets below.