Yesterday, news broke that the controversial XXXTentacion was jumped by Migos and their entourage, which left the 17 rapper looking bruised and battered from the encounter. However, that didn't stop him from taking to Instagram live to clap back at the Culture trio, calling out Offset, Quavo, and "Liftoff" by name. In the initial report, we covered the initial fallout from the beating, where X seemed to be streaming directly after it occurred, alluding to the attack and calling Migos and their entourage "pussy ass n***s." After he returned to his hotel, X opened up about the incident, claiming that someone had pulled a gun on him, his girl, and the homies. Afterward, X mentioned Cardi B by name, saying he had no beef with the "Bodak Yellow" rapper. He also posting a since-deleted clip from the altercation, which you can check out below.

Now, another of X's post-attack rants has surfaced, and this time, he's even more direct than before. He begins by making it clear that the Migos never actually touched him; only the group's entourage managed to lay hands on him. "Pussy-ass Quavo and pussy-ass Offset and pussy-ass Liftoff ain't do shit," says X. "They sent they other n***as, their entourage, and ya'll pussy-ass n****s finna get knocked-," he concludes, stopping himself with a "nevermind!" 

He does, however, hit them with a potentially consequential threat. "One thing though. If ya'll n****s think I ain't gon' take ya'll money, y'all stupid as fuck. Ya'll fuck n****s gettin' sued! I ain't gonna go to the police but I finna sue the fuck out ya'll boys. I finna get all that QC label money," he concludes, with a maniacal laugh for good measure.

Finally, he also alludes to a video of the incident, as if he expects it to surface at any moment. He does, however, tell Migos to include a picture of their "homeboy's eyeballs." "Your homeboy's eyeballs lookin' fucked up," laughs X, "bruh his homeboy bleeding from his fuckin' eyeballs." His last word on the matter is seemingly a veiled shot at Takeoff, who X proceeds to clown for "running away," as "evidenced" by the footage he posted on his IG page last night (see below). 

In case anyone is wondering why this even popped off in the first place, this isn't the first time X and Migos have bumped heads. Back in May, XXXTentacion threw a few verbal shots at Offset after the Migos star criticized the perceived rise of devil worship in hip-hop. At the time, X released a video (not unlike these ones) in which he said ""Tell that pussy n***a Offset to get off a n***a dick, man."Ni***'s like 35 tryin' to catch the wave. N***a your career is over, shut that pussy shit down, you on the dick. Quavo the best rapper in Migos, the rest of you n***s irrelevant. Fuck Offset. Pansy-ass, ballerina ass n***a."

One thing is for sure. This whole thing is wilder than a movie.