XXXTENTACION seems to get under many peoples skin due to his actions and words. While whenever tension gets to a violent level, X often times takes to social media to air it out before anyone else can. Today, he claims that he got jumped by the Migos.

XXXTENTACION took to social media to address a recent altercation he got into. He went on a rant on his Instagram story where he says he got jumped while he was in L.A. He doesn't mention who actually jumped him at first but he did show off the marks he had on his face after the altercation.

"Before you heard it from anybody else, I got jumped in L.A. by some pussy ass n***** and they jumped me, n****," he said, "Nobody gave me the faith of a one on one, n****. Nobody gave me the respect of a one on one and I painted that n*** while he was on the ground."

He continued his rant saying that someone pulled a gun out on him, his girl and his homeboy before revealing that the Migos ran up on him in L.A.

"Fuck the Migos, straight up... Y'all n**** had the chance to kill me. How you have fire and ain't shoot me after all the shit I been talkin? How the fuck you ain't shoot me. Yall n**** pussy as fuck," he said. 

XXXTENTACION also claimed that the group pulled up on him but they only targetted his homeboy. He also says they were afraid to fight him.

"Rap n**** be talking about how they killin' n**** and shootin' n**** and this and that but you caught me outside a hotel and bruh ain't shoot shit," he said.

He later went off and named each member individually.

"I ain't mad because I got 35 year old niggas trying to fight me. Y'all n**** pussy as fuck. Fuck Quavo, fuck Offset.. uh, fuck that pussy n****... uhm what's it called? Liftoff? fuck liftoff, fuck all y'all pussy ass n****," he said.

Despite all this, he still wants to "push positivity" and told his fans that if there's anything you could learn, it's to let karma do it's own job. Check the clip below.

UPDATE: Shortly after news broke, XXX shared a clip of Takeoff "Liftoff" allegedly running away from the altercation or so he says. XXX then clarified that he had no beef with Offset's fiancee Cardi B, but rather he's a big fan of hers and bumps "Bodak Orange" while in the shower. Check out his 2 IG posts (below) as well.