Despite the success of his recent album, XXXTENTACION has much more to be concerned about. The rapper has been dealing with some serious charges of domestic abuse against his then pregnant girlfriend. His case has been stirring up controversy, despite the fact the rapper denies all charges held against him. Last month, it was announced that his court date had been pushed back but there was no indication as to when. Today, it's reported that his trial is set to begin in December.

After Pitchfork reviewed online documents, they have reported that the rapper is set start trial on December 11th. The initial court date was for today, October 5th. A spokesperson from the court said that the prosecutor has been ready to go to trial at any point. However, they weren't able to go forward with the trial because the defense witnesses weren't available for them to depose.

"The prosecutor is ready to go to trial at any point. I cannot speak for the defense counsel...However, at this point, the defense attorney has not yet made the defense witnesses available for us to depose. The defense attorney is now indicating he’s not free for the taking of the depositions until late October or early November," the court's spokesperson said.

A year a go, charges were filed against the rapper pertaining to various acts of domestic abuse. Included in his charges are aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. The initial charges came in October of last year, prior to the success that he's received. Pitchfork previously obtained the witness' testimony that included some gruesome details pertaining to their relationship. However, despite the testimony, XXXTENTACION has denied them through social media and interviews. He took to Instagram after her testimony emerged, telling his haters to suck his dick. We'll keep you updated on the trial as information becomes available.