He regularly smokes cigarettes onstage and comedians have joked about having psychedelic, mushroom and marijuana parties at his estate with famous friends like Tiffany Haddish and Chris Rock, so it's not too far off for Dave Chappelle to cop weed from another celebrity. Prior to some of our favorite stars becoming household names, they had odd jobs to make ends meet. Kanye West worked at the Gap, Nicki Minaj was a waitress at Red Lobster, Jim Carrey was a janitor, Kid Cudi worked at a grocery store, Johnny Depp did telemarketing, Rick Ross was a corrections officer, Channing Tatum was an exotic dancer, and Tyler, The Creator spent years as a Starbucks barista.

Idris Elba, according to Dave Chappelle, was a bouncer who was also making a few extra bucks hustling on the side.

Chappelle recently sat down with The Joe Rogan Experience and spoke about people in the service industry deserving much more respect and kindness than many people give. “Idris Elba, the famous actor, used to be a security guard at Caroline’s," said Chappelle of the New York City comedy club. “I used to buy weed from him.”

Elsewhere, Chappelle talked about hanging out with Elon Musk years ago and the Tesla mogul looking "kinda hurt" after the comedian told Musk that he didn't recall meeting him prior. You can check out The Joe Rogan Experience with Dave Chappelle below to catch more highlights.