D12 fans were excited to hear that beloved member Bizarre was returning with a new solo studio album after nearly 10 following his Friday Night at St. Andrews release. Bizarre has been hyping Rufus since the top of 2019 and just shy of the new year, the rapper shared a 21-track project. The Detroit artist chatted with HipHopDX about his recent release and, unsurprisingly, he shared a few thoughts about Nick Cannon's beef with his childhood friend Eminem.

It's no secret that Bizarre is protective of Em as he's issued warnings to both Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden over their remarks about the Kamikaze emcee. However, Bizarre has learned not to give knee-jerk reactions to Eminem's lyrical battles. "Man, I had to learn my lesson with the Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden’s beef," he said. "Marshall’s my friend and we’re damn near like a gang, so when I see people talking sh*t about him, I always go into defense mode. That’s my brother. When the first Nick Cannon diss came out, I thought it was funny. I’m cool with Charlie Clips and Hitman Holla — I’m cool with all them cats."

Then, it went from being "funny" to awkward for Bizarre. "When I heard the second diss record, I was like, 'Okay, wait a minute. This is getting corny,' he said. "I just think the whole thing is corny when you got four rappers, regardless if it was Charlie Clips or f*cking Pusha T, whoever it was. It’s kind of corny when you got four rappers trying to diss one rapper. And then they were trying to force lines. It was, 'You Eminem...you need to leave Nick alone.' Then when I seen the Wild ‘N Out shirts, I was like, 'Okay, I don’t think I need to say anything.' I think these guys are going to bury themselves." We can't wait to hear what he thinks about Nick's third go-round. Check out Rufus below.