Chris Brown isn't the chart darling that he was a decade ago, but he hasn't fallen off in the slightest bit. While he's almost always bound to have a hit record somewhere on the Billboard Hot 100, he hasn't been this highly-ranked in a long time as the main artist. On Monday, it was revealed that "Go Crazy", Breezy's track with Young Thug, hit #5 on the chart, marking a new milestone for the record, which was also recently named his biggest radio hit since 2008

Finally, it feels like we may have reached a turning point for the artist as the public is starting to embrace his music again post-2009 assault. It feels as though every time his name comes up in conversation, or on the trending topics list on Twitter, it's for something outrageous or criminalistic that Chris did. This time though, Chris found his way onto the trending topics for something positive, impressing fans with his new chart position.

"Saw Chris Brown trending and thought something bad had happened to my Boo," wrote one concerned fan, used to seeing the star trending for all the wrong reasons. With over 12,000 tweets referencing his name, it's definitely a good day for CB. Scrolling through the responses, you'll see that many of the messages are positive, with the odd one calling back to his lapses of judgment from earlier in his career.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

"Go Crazy" was released in May 2020, so to see it jumping so high right now is a blessing for Chris Brown, Young Thug, and everyone else involved in the production of the song. Congratulations on landing #5!