When he's not flexing his vocal cords on stage, you can usually find Chris Brown doing one of two things: choreographing his latest impressive dance routine or handling a can of spray paint. The Virginia-born singer has spent the majority of the last year updating his social media profiles with proof that he's as multi-talented as they come. The creative can sing, rap, dance, act, direct, produce, draw, paint, and much more. He's proven so time and time again. Chris' Los Angeles residence is already fully decorated on the interior but he felt as though the outside needed a fresh paint job. However, he's not employing a team of men and women to lather on a fresh coat. He's edging it up himself.

Upon learning about Kobe Bryant's tragic death last month, Chris Brown began planning the latest addition to his home's exterior: a graffiti tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers legend. The world continues to mourn the loss of the heroic Bryant, and Brown's tribute is as unique as they get. What began as a simple depiction of the late athlete's face in purple and yellow has taken form as a more complete artwork, including a Black Mamba-branded snake on the side and portraits of the star leaping up for emphatic dunks above. 

This is not the only street artwork that Breezy is working on at his crib. In previous weeks, he showed off some other additions to his home's exterior, flexing his skills with the paint and confirming his status as a multi-faceted artist.