Chris Brown has been a polarizing figure for a while now, but it seemed like the one thing that his fans and his haters could agree upon was that he is a fairly talented dancer. Brown was making hits from the beginning, but what impressed many people during his rise to fame were his performances and music videos. Brown was gliding all over the stage at award shows and leaving people stunned in front of their TVs. People - and by people I mean 50 Cent - have even compared his showmanship to that of the late Michael Jackson. Although 50's claim of Brown's superiority was rabidly condemned, one being enticed to even put these names next to each other might say something about Brown's moves.

The Internet already dismissed 50's comparison as ludicrous, but now it is debating whether Chris Brown is a good dancer at all. Brown is currently promoting his latest album, Indigo, on his "IndiGOAT" tour. Someone got hold of footage of him dancing at one of his recent shows and tweeted it out with the caption, "You CANT tell me this n**** ain’t the GOAT. You just CANT." The video went very viral, but not necessarily because all the reposters agreed with this opinion. Scrolling through the replies to the initial tweet, it appears the reactions are overwhelming negative. Many are clowning Brown's moves. 

See some of the unimpressed people's reactions below.