This week wasn't all that exciting for debuts, as the biggest new album came from DJ Khaled, and didn't manage to crack the top 10. This week we did see a lot of albums continue to hold on to high chart positions with The Weeknd, Fetty Wap, and Drake and Future's project all proving they have some longevity on the charts. Bryson Tiller is also hanging on with his debut, while Game's two albums have slipped considerably.

Check out the breakdown below.

1)        The Weeknd—Beauty Behind The Madness: The Weeknd comes in behind debuts from 5 Seconds Of Summer and Carrie Underwood, but he's still holding on to the number 3 spot 9 weeks in. He moves 54,893 units (19,775 excluding streams) for a total of 629,470 so far.

2)        Fetty Wap—Fetty Wap: Fetty is up one spot from 4 to 5, proving he's more than just a singles artist in his fifth week on the album charts. He moves 42,316 copies (10,987 excluding streams). Hit full tally is 138,000.

3)         Drake & FutureWhat A Time To Be Alive: The Drake and Future show moves from 8 to 6, pulling in 34,495 units (8,437 excluding streams). Their full sales count is 459,000.

4)        DJ Khaled—I Changed A Lot: Khaled's new album didn't have the most impressive debut, but it faired similarly to his last album Suffering From Success. He falls shy of the top 10, coming in at 12 with 25,676 units sold (19,240 excluding streams).

5)        Bryson Tiller—Trapsoul: Bryson keeps up his impressive run, up from 28 to 21 this week and moving 18,883 units (7,924 excluding streams). He's at 55,000 total sales.

6)        Future—DS2: Future is still in it, falling 20 to 23 this week with 17,806 sales (4,556 excluding streams), putting his total at 282,000.

7)        Drake—IYRTITL: Drake is one spot behind his boy Future with 16,758 sales this week (4,208 excluding streams). His full count is 1,055,000.

8)        The Game—The Documentary 2: The first part of Game's 2-disc set narrowly outsells the second, moving from 11 to 27 this week with 16,158 units moved (11,767 excluding streams). D2 is at 116,000 total sales.

9)        The Game—The Documentary 2.5: Disc 2 is down from 6 to 29 in its second week, with 15,106 sold (11,925 excluding streams) and 54,000 units moved altogether.

10)       J. ColeForest Hills Drive: Cole remains at 32 for a second week with 12,903 sold (3,594 excluding streams). His full tally is 1,040,000.

Drake has officially lost his momentum on the Hot 100, being pushed out of the number two slot as Adele and Justin Bieber bully their way into the number one and two spots respectively. The Weeknd's "The Hills" finally falls from grace and moves to 4 while Drizzy is relegated to the number 3 spot. Ontario is still looking pretty damn good in the top five though.