Every time Celina Powell is a guest on the No Jumper podcast, you know there will be some crazy claims made about some of your favorite artists. Whether or not they're actually true is a little questionable but, considering the allegations that have been made against Trey Songz in the past, her friend Aliza's alleged experience with the singer doesn't seem too far off-base.

In addition to Celina Powell urging Megan Thee Stallion to snitch on Tory Lanez, she also revealed the alleged gender of Nicki Minaj's baby, noting that she heard the news from Lil Wayne. Later in the interview, her friend Aliza joined the table discussion, detailing her own crazy experiences. 

While on the spot, Aliza admitted that she had an orgy with seven members of an NBA team and also called out Trey Songz.

"I got peed on too," said Aliza, referring to Celina Powell's own stories of being urinated on. "I didn't know what was happening. He just did it."

When Celina pressed her to reveal the identity of the man in question, she was quick to spill the beans.

Arnold Turner/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Trey Songz," said Aliza. "So, I got to the bathroom to wipe the nut off my face in between rounds, he follows me in there and he's like, 'Get in the bathtub.' I'm like, 'okay.'"

She says that she laid down in the bathtub when Trey asked her to start masturbating, which she did. Then, without warning, he allegedly started peeing on her face. 

In addition to this claim, Aliza also says that she was basically held hostage in his hotel room for the entire day, asking multiple times when she could leave, to which he allegedly ignored her. She also claims that Trey confiscated her purse and her phone, dangling them over the hotel's balcony and threatening to drop them.

Watch below at the 1:14:17 mark. Trey Songz has not commented on these allegations.