Right when you thought it was over, Celina Powell came back with yet another wild statement during her No Jumper interview, this time coming after Megan Thee Stallion for not cooperating with the police over her shooting incident, which allegedly involved Tory Lanez.

Celina Powell has history with Tory. She claims that, after running into him at the same apartment complex in Miami in May, the rapper had one of his friends beat her up. Because of that, she wants him thrown in jail and, during her interview with Adam22 of No Jumper, she went off on Megan Thee Stallion for "protecting" him.

According to Celina, she called the police and handed them an "I told you so" after warning them that Tory needed to be locked up over her own assault. Then, she directed her attack to Megan, going after the #1 song holder for not cooperating with the cops. 

"I'm offended that Megan, like, come on girl. Please get your shit together," said the controversial Powell. "Get your shit together, bitch. Snitch on Tory! He had me beat the fuck up and then he shot you, bitch. Like, what the fuck! She's not cooperating with the police department. That's why it's not attempted murder, it's assault with a deadly weapon. I've had that charge before."

Adam22 then tries to argue that Megan claimed on Instagram Live that she wasn't protecting anybody

"She is protecting him though! It's because [the media] is so invested in ruining 6ix9ine's life because he snitched to protect his own life that now, Megan is scared to say that, yeah, 'I got shot by someone I was having sex with.'"

Of course, this isn't the only thing that Celina Powell claimed during her latest stint at No Jumper. The Black Widow also revealed Nicki Minaj's baby's gender, saying that she heard the news through Lil Wayne and 6ix9ine.

Fast-forward to the 31-minute mark, where she starts talking about Tory Lanez.