"Let Me Hold You" may have been released before Shai Moss was even born but Bow Wow's daughter has no shame in absolutely roasting her father's dance moves.

Back in 2005, Bow Wow and Omarion released their single "Let Me Hold You," which was accompanied by a music video where they both stunted questionable dance moves. While it is dated, that's not stopping Bow Wow's daughter from laughing at her old man because of it.

During their session on Instagram Live this week, the father-daughter duo had some fun, which included Shai clowning the life out of her dad.

"Let me hold you," sang Shai as she recreated his spastic arm movements. Bow Wow was behind her, clearly annoyed at the audacity his own offspring had.

"Okay, stop," he said as she laughed. "You need to... okay stop. Get done. For the whole day, get done."

Obviously, Bow has been showing his little girl his old music videos. Just like any good child, she just had to roast his ass for them.

Their daddy-daughter fun has been a highlight on social media for the last few years. Last year, Shai even showed that she can spit, dropping some bars in a cute clip as she sat on Bow Wow's shoulders.