Bow Wow's persona is often viewed through a lens of drama offered by his reality television appearances and social media antics. He recently offered his fans another side of his character with a video he shot with his daughter Shai, whom he shares with her mother Joie Chavis. The clip shows his 7-year-old sitting atop his shoulders as they jam. View the duo rap together below.

Shad introduces their little cypher, "Tell Instagram what we doing." The kid replies, "We 'bout to call our momma." Then, the partners in crime launch into a groove along the theme of family. The proud father captioned the clip with his stamp of approval, "My daughter got barz though."

After chanting the 410 area code, little Shai raps, "I am born on april 21st / I am the best, put gymnastics  in my verse." Her dad picks it up from there. When she hops back in, she seems to get stuck with "Florida is nice but its too much..." Shad comes to the rescue and completes the lyrics. He then prompts her to finish another line but she gets distracted. The whole scene is quite endearing. Despite the lapse in concentration, the kid knows how to hold down a rhythm.