Lil Wayne shocked the internet when he posed for a picture with Donald Trump prior to the 2020 Presidential Election, which the Republican candidate is refusing to concede. The rapper cited the President's Platinum Plan for Black Americans, but many of his fans actually think that his endorsement was more aligned with his pocketbook. 

One person that was not surprised in the slightest when Wayne came out as a Trump supporter was Boosie Badazz.

As he recovers from his shooting last week, portions of Boosie's latest interview with VladTV are being released and, in the most recent video, the Baton Rouge rapper speaks about Black people supporting Trump, focusing on Lil Wayne

After revealing that Kamala Harris won him over by claiming she listens to Tupac, Boosie touched on why he wasn't surprised that Lil Tunechi would be voting for Trump.

"I always felt Wayne didn't care strongly about our Black beliefs. I always felt like Wayne felt like he was rich more than Black," said Boosie. "I really think he looks at himself more as rich because I think that's why he [didn't go with] Biden. Because 60% taxes, Biden fucking tripping. And Wayne probably thinking about his bag and his family. And he has the right to think that way if he wants to think that way. But I could never. I just don't feel Wayne is passionate about our Black heritage."

50 Cent also came close to endorsing Trump for re-election, citing Biden's tax plan for the rich. Do you think Boosie has a point?