Days ago, Boosie Badazz was in Dallas, Texas mourning the loss of his friend and collaborator Mo3, a rapper on the rise who was gunned down on a highway. The day after Mo3's tribute, news surfaced that while in Dallas, Boosie was shot during an altercation. These incidents are just two of increasing reports of rapper-involved gun violence within the last few weeks, and prior to being accosted in Texas, Boosie talked about wanting to step away from the fast life that the rap world offers.

"I'm finna slow down, man, 'cause I've been showing out," Boosie told VladTV. "After that sh*t with Von, I'd be right at that club. I'd be right at that club on Sunday. I'm finna slow down. I ain't had no problems, n*ggas show me love. N*ggas know I'm here to get money. I ain't here to harm nobody. They welcome me with open arms. It's a lotta sh*t go down at clubs and sh*t. Stampedes and sh*t. Sh*t like that. I don't know. I just need to slow down going out."

"But I've been protecting myself for 16 years. I've been protecting myself since I was a kid," Boosie continued. He added that he's "pretty good" at staying safe and added "I feel it kept me living a little longer." The rapper makes sure he has his "people around" him who are "ready at all times." 

"We got the [most] dangerous job as rappers. Nobody has a more dangerous job. Every night we go out we can get killed," the rapper said. "Not just by a opp. Not just by police. It could be a crazy fan. It could be a—our job is really dangerous, especially the ones gettin' $10,000s to $100,000s and you gotta go in them clubs and gangsta rap and you got opps. Our life dangerous."

He also stated that he and his team stay armed wherever they go. Check out a clip from his interview below.