Murda Beatz is one of Migos' most frequent collaborators -- the producer behind hits like "Pipe It Up," "New Atlanta," and "Jealousy," who's had multiple tracks on almost every Quality Control mixtape dating back to late 2013. Would it surprise you to know he's a blonde, shaggy-haired 21-year-old from a small Canadian border town?  

Murda hails from Fort Erie, Ontario, a place that doesn't have much to offer aside from its proximity to Niagara Falls, and its access to duty-free liquor. Most of Murda's peers spent their teenage years with hopes of getting out, most to no avail. Some played hockey -- Murda made beats. 

His musical inspiration ultimately comes from his father, who died this past October. "My dad was always playin' guitar around the house and stuff, so I had a good musical ear at a young age. I started playing drums when I was four." He grew up on his dad's rock music, though his interests slowly shifted toward rap. Early on in his teenage years, he traded his standard drum set in for an electronic one and started recording what he calls "Travis Barker remixes." 

At age 17, after discovering the high-octane trap symphonies of Lex Luger, he traded his drums for a copy of FL studio and a keyboard attachment. With no studios anywhere close by, and few peers interested in making music, he found an unprecedented world of opportunity before him in the beat-making program. With few distractions, he devoted all his energy to making instrumentals. He called himself young Murda, and he murdered enough beats to experience a taste of success less than two years in, causing him to bypass college in favor of becoming a trap producer.