GoldLink is currently on tour in Europe and at one of his recent shows, he shared a little surprise with his fans. He tried to give them a clue about his next album, but the clue wasn't very subtle. 

“I’m working on a new album right," the DMV rapper said. "But it’s gonna be a collab album, okay? I’m not gonna tell y’all who it is, but when I drop this m*therf*cker, y’all can make some guesses. You ready?” He then proceeded to drop the G.O.O.D. Music remix of Chief Keef's "Don't Like", meaning Pusha T's vocals came blaring out of the speakers immediately after GoldLink invited the crowd to speculate about his mystery collaborator. Perhaps GoldLink was hinting at him working with Chief Keef, but Push sounds like the more likely option. 

GoldLink and Pusha T have previously joined forces on "Cokewhite", which appeared on the former's Diaspora album this year. While news of a whole album from the two comes a tad out of the blue, the outcome of their last collab was so successful that we're stoked to hear more music from them.

On the topic of joint projects, Tory Lanez and Chris Brown are apparently ten songs deep into their own