If you're a fan of classic rap, you'll definitely be interested in the upcoming USA Network anthology series Unsolved, which is centered around the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. When it comes to Atlanta and southern hip-hop, the scene would not be what it is today without the impact of OutKast. The key members of the group, Andre 3000 and Big Boi, linked up yesterday to catch the exclusive mansion premiere of Unsolved and they captured the moment on camera for us all to speculate on new music. In reality, the two probably did not talk about rekindling their musical flame during their soirée, but hey, a kid can dream, right?

Big Boi posted the shot to his Instagram page, captioning the hashtag-heavy, "#UnsolvedUSA wit #NoIG3000," clowning 3 Stacks for not having an IG account. The two ATL legends had fans salivating in the comments section, musing at the prospect of a new album or a project between the pair. The true crime series is set to premiere on USA Network next week, on February 27 and will feature 10 episodes chronicling the unsolved murders of rap legends Tupac and Biggie.

OutKast hasn't updated their official Instagram page since 2014 so it's nice to see the two together, enjoying their time and possibly reminiscing about the good times they had as a group.