Mobb Deep Drop Unreleased Track "Boom Goes The Cannon"

Mobb Deep return with a new "Hamilton" inspired track.

BYMatthew Parizot

One of New York's finest hip-hop duos, Mobb Deep has had an incredible legacy in rap. After the tragic passing of Prodigy, there was still the promise of more music in the future, and it appears that we're starting to hear some of it. 

This previously unreleased song, "Boom Goes The Cannon," likely wont be featured on the upcoming Mobb Deep album that's supposed to drop sometime before the end of the year. Rather, this track was shared by Broadway rap star, Lin-Manuel Mirana, as part of his Hamilton series, where he releases tracks inspired by the musical. 

How old the song actually is is unclear, as one of the verses does actually reference Hamilton in the song. Even if the idea of a rap musical isn't exactly your cup of tea, it's still neat to hear unreleased music from a legendary group.

Quotable Lyrics

We are at war, no man is safe, you can't hide forever
Die on the battlefield to rise up and take power
There's 32,000 troops in the New York habor
We're outgunned, out-manned, and outnumbered

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