On Monday, Havoc served as a special guest on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber where he was there to debate music in the Tri-State area with New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli. While he was there, host Ari Melber asked Havoc if more new music was on the way from the legendary duo, and luckily for us there is.

Havoc says he's currently in talks with Prodigy’s family to put out a new album before the end the year. He said that’s the best way to keep their [and Prodigy’s] legacy alive.

“The way Im reflecting on it is Im just trying to keep the legacy alive. We deserve that, and Im actually currently working on the new album in conjunction with the family. It'll be out there pretty soon, before the end of the year. Before the end of the year it’ll be out,” he confirmed.

In addition to that, Havoc also talked about the fan-made Kanye West bracket that someone made of Ye’s entire catalog, and the reason he brought that up was because Havoc produced two recent songs for Ye that were on the list, “Real Friends” & “Famous.” So he named the fan who made the bracket, Carrington Harrison, the person to make his “real list” on the show.

This is one few times we’ve heard Havoc publicly speak since the passing of his good friend & Mobb Deep partner Prodigy.

Check out the album announcement with Ari Melber (below).