Quavo’s had a successful year. Along with Offset and Takeoff, they’ve went from dominating hip hop as a genre to manifesting pop culture as a whole. It’s hard to deny their success, especially because their also talented artists. Earlier in the year, it was revealed that Quavo had the most top 10 singles in 2017 out of any genre. Included in that are the singles off of Culture as well as his feature verses. Offset said a few months back that the sequel to Culture was originally slated for October. However, there has yet to be any confirmation of that but they’ve definitely been working.

Quavo recently previewed some new music on Snapchat. While it’s unsure what it’s for, hopefully it’ll land on Culture 2. In the clip, Quavo’s riding around in his Wraith while bumping the tune. The production on the track sounds like it’s veering away from the typical “trap” sound, but it does certainly have elements of it.

“Walk inside the bank and load the money in the wagon/ Still got the cash, the plug fronted me/ Nigga I ain’t hiding, think they on to me/In that brand new Wraith with the coke seats,” he’s heard rapping. It sounds hard, however, there’s no indication what the song is for. There’s an equal chance it’ll be a solo song as much as their’s a chance it’ll be on the new Migos record.

While there hasn’t been a lot of news pertaining to Culture 2, Quavo recently confirmed with TMZ that Cardi B will appear on the album. Other than that, the group has yet to reveal other features or producers on the project. However, Quavo did say in a recent interview that Culture 2  is a “masterpiece.” 

Aside from Culture 2, it seems like Quavo has been simultaneously working on the Travis Scott collaboration project. In the same interview, he said that the two of them have 20 songs already recorded for the project but they need a bit more time to sort everything out.

It’s looking like we’ll still be getting a consistent stream of music from Quavo and Migos in general in the near future.

Check out the Instagram clip below: