The Migos have had an incredible year thusfar. With the help of their highly successful Culture album, they've dominated the charts, headlines, fashion and pop culture as a whole. For quite some time now, both Quavo and Travis Scott have been teasing an upcoming project together. While there hasn't been a set release date for it, it's been building anticipation among fans. While speaking to Montreality along with the rest of the Migos, Quavo gave an update on the project's status.

Montreality caught up with the group to talk about various subjects including Culture 2, cartoons and their long-term aspirations. During the conversation about Culture 2, Quavo told them that his upcoming project with Travis Scott will be dropping very soon. 

"The album with Travis Scott is going to drop real real soon, we been making a whole buncha records, we got like 20 records together. We just need some time to sort em out." Quavo said.

Alongside the collaboration project, the group gave an update on Culture 2. While Takeoff confirmed that the project is ready, Quavo took to the opportunity to elaborate on the group's status in the rap game and what to expect from the project.

Quavo said, "CULTURE 2 is a masterpiece man. We in a time right now where we setting a trend, we started this whole lil' wave, we started the whole genre, we started the whole flow, the whole melody. Ain't nobody right now who can say they ain't took our flow at one point in their career. We ain't tripping, we never did trip. Hip Hop has changed in a big way... We changed it."

During the interview, Quavo also was asked about rumors that he lost the hard drive that was storing Culture 2. Huncho denied the rumors saying that it was taken out of context. 

"When I was on Instagram live, my guy had the drive and we ain't never lose the drive. I was just looking for it at the time." Quavo said.

The Migos' are clearly not going anywhere soon. With Culture 2 and the Travis Scott and Quavo project on the way, there definitely won't be any shortage of music from the rap trio.

Check the full interview below: