North West is showing traits of both her father and her mother. She’s enjoys the spotlight, much like her mother yet she holds an attitude, like her father does at times. She was born into the spotlight, almost like royalty. The day news broke that Kim Kardashian delivered a baby girl, both the media and normal folks were in a frenzy trying to get a glimpse of Kanye and Kim’s first child. While she recently turned four years old, she’s been showing more and more traits of her father in her behavior.

In a recent run in with TMZ this morning, Kim Kardashian was seen walking out of a San Fernando Valley skating rink with North and one of North’s friends. As you could expect, they were bombarded by paparazzi. While walking out, you could hear North hit the paparazzi with her regular “No pictures, No pictures” chirp. However, while  Kim strapped in North and her friend into the car, she told Nori “remember what daddy always says, that you could say… no questions.” Which inevitably prompted North to hit the paparazzi with the line as they approached the vehicle and tried to ask Kim a question. 

Kanye’s hit paparazzi with that line on more than one occasion. The rapper has built a love/hate relationship with paps over the course of his career. Between Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo era, it became much more prominent. Kanye has definitely dealt with paparazzi in a much more abrasive manner than both his daughter and his wife but, he’s also warmed up to them as well. 

It’s a pretty interesting to see how celebrity children turn out. North doesn’t live a typical life compared to most children. Since birth, she’s been hunted down by the paparazzi and living in the public eye so everybody has watched her grow up. Her father is one of the most iconic artists of our time and her mother is easily the most famous socialite of this era. Once she’s grows out of her toddler stages and hits her adolescence, it’ll be interesting to see how she deals with paparazzi while simultaneously dealing with teenage angst in about ten years or so.

Check the video out below: