French Montana turned 33 years old and how else do you celebrate other than throwing a massive birthday party. The rapper threw a star-studded event that kicked off in Beverly Hills and everyone from DJ Khaled to the Weeknd made an appearance. However, like most great birthday parties, it doesn’t end until the sun comes up, which is exactly what happened with French. The rapper brought the party back to his Calabasas home where things got a bit rowdy.

According to TMZ, the police had to pull up to the “Unforgettable” rapper’s crib after a girl fight broke out. Their sources say two women got into it at French’s house around 7 A.M. and after one of them got kicked out, she got salty and called the police. The police and paramedics had to show up and both women were checked up on. Both females were involved but neither of them needed any sort of medical attention or treatment. The police decided against arresting either women. However, they were forced to vacate the property. TMZ says that the police had no interaction with the rapper during their visit to his home. 

Earlier today, TMZ posted a video of the overall crazy evening that took place at French’s party. The party was sponsored by Diddy’s Ciroc (obviously) and was DJ’d by Marshmello. French made sure to celebrate with his closest friends as the whole XO squad came through as well as DJ Khaled, OT Genesis, Scott Storch, Lil Uzi Vert, Belly and more popped by to celebrate. 

The party was extravagant and well deserved for French Montana. This year has been one of the biggest one’s he’s had yet. He’s made an impact in the music industry at large, being a go-to guy for features in not only hip hop but other realms as well. Along with that, his single “Unforgettable” has gone multi-platinum since its release and he’s also done an enormous amount of philanthropic work. So the wild birthday celebrations are definitely well deserved considering all the work that French Montana’s put in.