Stephen A. Smith Walks Back Will Smith Criticism Amid Massive Backlash

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Stephen A. has accepted that he missed the mark on Will Smith.

People who didn't agree with Stephen A. Smith's perspective bombarded him with calls and emails, and he declined to cancel Will Smith. Now, Stephen A. Smith's opinion has changed. Furthermore, after asserting that Will Smith owed the Black community an explanation for slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, the seasoned sportscaster encountered criticism. He said that the occurrence was "devastating" for both Rock and "the Black community" on his own show. Additionally, Smith thinks that Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua's prospects of winning an Oscar for Emancipation the following year were impacted by the slap.

Smith claimed that he made his comments with Black folks hoping to be in Hollywood in mind. He said that because of Will Smith's behavior, he was afraid that white people would stereotype Black actors. “It was a blemish on all of us,” he said. “Because I know how much white America reveres Will Smith and the thinking along the lines in my mind was, hell if he did that, what would the rest of us do. There are certain things that happen in the lives of an individual where those incidences are used as a license to castigate the rest of us.” All in all, Smith has walked back his statement.

Stephen A. Smith Walks Back Will Smith Criticism Amid Massive Backlash

Stephen A. Smith said, nevertheless, that he had a change of heart after speaking with a mutual acquaintance. Charlie Mack, a longtime friend and former security guard of Will Smith, called Stephen A. He begged him to show the actor "grace." Additionally, Mack questioned why someone with Will Smith's spotless background shouldn't be allowed to make mistakes. He pointed out that this is how he makes a career and provides for his family. Smith claimed that Mack urged him to think about the impact on Martin Lawrence and the crews that produce Will Smith's films. “Throughout Will Smith’s life, not just his career, there has been exponentially far more good than bad, and I certainly did not mean to gloss over that,” he said.  

Stephen A. received a barrage of calls and messages from people who didn't agree with him. They would not back down from not canceling Will Smith. Stephen A. Smith was convinced that Will Smith remained a beloved figure after seeing a video of Black admirers crowding the 55-year-old during a screening of Bad Boys: Ride or Die. “So I got to stand down,” Stephen A. Smith conceded. Overall, Stephen A. was pressed by a lot of people because of his out-of-touch comments about Will Smith.


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