Stephen A. Smith And Andraya Carter Get Into Heated Debate About Caitlin Clark Being Snubbed From The Olympic Team

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Stephen A. says marketing is the most important thing.

Stephen A. Smith is doubling down on his Caitlin Clark takes, proving no matter what expert on women's basketball he speaks to, he will not change his mind. First Take addressed the news that Clark has been left off of Team USA's roster for the 2024 Summer Olympics, as was to be expected on Monday's broadcast. Though Smith joined the discussion after Andraya Carter, Chiney Ogwumike, and Shannon Sharpe offered their opinions, it wasn't for lack of passion or interest; rather, the ESPN personality chastised USA Basketball for failing to take into account the commercial benefits of having Clark on its roster.

“This is about what I will personally label ‘The Idiocy of Team USA Women’s Basketball.’ How dare you make this decision. It’s stupid,” Smith said. “Caitlin Clark does not deserve a spot ahead of any of the players on this roster — if we’re talking just basketball. You know we’re not.” Stephen A. Smith continued, addressing Ogwumike and Carter in particular, both of whom had supported USA Basketball's choice, drawing comparisons between Team USA's roster selection process and his creation of First Take.

Stephen A. Smith And Andraya Carter Get Into Caitlin Clark Debate

“I think y’all are spectacular. But as spectacular as you are about talking the game of basketball, is that why you think I call for you to be on First Take?” Smith said. “It ain’t just because of your expertise. It’s because you’re great television. You matter. You draw an audience… you make decisions marketing." He continued, "I want people watching. I want eyeballs. I want advertising dollars. Why? Because [Sharpe] will get paid. Y’all will get paid. And guess who else will get paid? You see where I’m coming from? That’s what it’s about. Stop acting otherwise. We know this." he concluded, saying, “You don’t sit up there and pass on Caitlin Clark. Team USA, it was a dumb decision.”

Carter remained steadfast in her belief that Team USA had the right to put basketball before marketing. However, that only made Stephen A. Smith want to give the former Tennessee guard some uninvited career advice. “Andraya, I strongly suggest you re-think such positions, especially when it comes to you. Because marketing matters,” he said. “I am telling you right now you are going to be underpaid for the rest of what I believe will be an illustrious career unless you get your mind right about that marketing. It matters.” Andraya Carter replied swiftly, “I hear you, Stephen A. But I will not sacrifice my basketball knowledge and my integrity in terms of the game for marketing,” she said. “My marketing is doing just fine.” Overall, it was a heated debate today on First Take.


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