Stephen A Smith Believes Drake & Kendrick Lamar Are Taking Things Too Far

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Stpehen A. has had enough of this feud.

The Drake and Kendrick Lamar rap beef is still ongoing. After a weekend that featured multiple songs from each artist, there have been a couple of days of silence on both fonts. Fans and onlookers who have been exhausted by the whirlwind of diss tracks and information in the beef have been able to couch up and catch their breath. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the beef. It's the cultural event of the moment right now and has been a pretty vicious back and forth. Both rappers have alleged nefarious things about the other to varying degrees. ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith thinks it has gone too far. 

Stephen A., known for speaking his mind, had many thoughts about the direction the beef has taken. Yesterday, Stephen A. Smith took the time to address the ongoing rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Stephen A. said the beef has gone incredibly too far and has strayed from who is the better artist or lyricist. Stephen A. Smith explained his position on the beef on his show, The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Stephen A. Smith Says Drake Vs Kendrick Beef Is Too Toxic

Stephen A. Smith says, "The shi*t ain't cool," when beginning his rant on the Kendrick Drake Beef. He goes on to say the personal and inflammatory accusations and mentions of pedophilia and family members have been out of line. Smith then goes on to describe his connections to hip-hop, saying he grew up in the hip-hop generation and was around the greats from NYC, where he grew up. Stephen A. describes what he believes rap beef should stick to. He believes it should be strictly on artistic and lyrical ability. Stephen A. has no time for the gossip and the remarks made by either rapper. Smith says that we don't know if any of it is true and that it's not our business. 

He is thankful that the beef will hopefully not turn violent. He also credits j Cole for bowing out of the feud weeks ago. Stephen A. Smith is in disbelief over the whole ordeal and cannot believe where it has gone. Ultimately, Stephen A. says the beef is making them both look bad. 


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