Luenell Blasts Diddy After Video Of Abuse Surfaces Online

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Luenell is upset over the viral video showing Diddy's abuse.

Recently, a video purportedly showing Sean "Diddy" Combs abusing his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a hotel corridor went viral. The video, which dates from March 5, 2016, was exclusively obtained by CNN in the midst of Diddy's continuing accusations. Comedian and actress Luenell released a statement in reaction to the video leak. She claims that Black women are the most "disrespected" group in society.  The comedian made a strong response to the video of abuse that made waves on social media this weekend. 

On Instagram, Diddy has responded in a formal manner. He expresses regret for his behavior in a video and says he has subsequently sought professional assistance. He says, "It's so hard to think back on the worst periods of your life, but sometimes you just have to." "I was f*cked up — I hit rock bottom — but I make no excuses." Luenell said, “If Diddy had smacked JLo like that, drag her down the hallway, he’d been in jail eight years ago.” The comedian went on to say much more. Luenell is fed up with Diddy's abuse.

Luenell Makes Statement On Diddy Abusing Cassie

Luenell has expressed her thoughts on social media in the wake of the recently surfaced video. The video shows Diddy appearing to abuse his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a hotel corridor. The alleged event happened eight years ago. She stated that Sean Combs would have been incarcerated long ago if he had been shown on tape abusing Jennifer Lopez. The comedian went on to say, “Y’all will believe when we say that Black women are the most disrespected, underserved, under-believed women in society.”

According to Luenell, Diddy would likewise be in jail if he had done the same to a "snow bunny" or a "white woman with blonde hair and blue eyes." However, since Cassie was a woman of color, he was able to continue living a free life. The comic clarified that women didn't "report" assaults since their claims were never taken seriously. According to Luenell, Cassie became "involved" with Combs before to reaching adulthood. This fact exacerbated her situation and made it "so much easier to walk away" for Combs and "not catch a case." Overall, Luenell concluded, “I feel so bad for Cassie. She’s married now, she got children, she’s living her life, but she’s like, ‘I’m gonna go stand up, if this sh*t is going to go down.” Luenell is fed up with Diddy and everything that has been alleged.


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