Kim Porter's Alleged Friend Accuses Diddy Of Abusing Her After Cassie Footage Surfaces

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Kola Boof went on to claim that Cassie was aware of how Diddy treated Kim Porter and how they were both victims.

After new alleged footage surfaced of Diddy supposedly assaulting Cassie in a hotel room, one of his ex Kim Porter's alleged friends spoke out. However, it's important to note how Egyptian-Sudanese writer Kola Boof explained her relationship with Porter: they apparently had dinner once and spoke on the phone a couple of times. As such, take this with a grain of salt. "This DIDDY thing is not a surprise, but it makes me remember the horrible way he treated my friend... KIM PORTER," Boof tweeted on Friday (May 17). "...and how I've always silently held him responsible for her young death. #RIP KIM. Diddy was a motherf***er. Ya'll would not even BEGIN to believe the way he treated KIM PORTER -- and (ironically) CASSIE back then allowed herself to be used to disrespect Kim in her own home.

"Cassie let herself be flaunted in Kim's face--LAUGHED at Diddy beating Kim," Boof claimed. "Was awful. I feel bad for CASSIE getting beat up like that. But I still remember when CASSIE allowed herself to be used 'Racially' against KIM PORTER as Diddy humiliated, beat & repeat Kim for years. Ya'll have always hated me for talking 'Real' about these men. But they deserve it. What ya'll saw in that video of Diddy beating Cassie was NOTHING. Will never forget the time he tried to make Kim Porter lick Cassie's tampon. Always using Kim's race as a put down. You guys don't know the HALF of what women go through with famous & powerful men. Be they rappers, be they Bin Laden, be they actors -- ya'll have NO IDEA. And you always demonized the women. Always! Are you f***ing kidding me??? He beat the s**t out of Kim Porter!!!

Kola Boof's Most Recent Tweet Explicitly Accusing Diddy Of Abusing Kim Porter & Cassie (See Account For More)

"Why do ya'll think I was so hard on these damn men back in the day -- always cussing them out?" Boof alleged. "I wrote article attacking DIDDY. Ya'll always thought I was lying?? OMG! OMG! There is no hope for women in our communities. One time -- 4 in the morning-- Diddy brought Cassie (who was basically a teenager) into his bedroom where KIM PORTER was sleeping & woke up Kim & told her to get out of the bed so Cassie can get in it. Kim was treated like s**t for years & Cassie giggled about it until SHE became Kim later on. NOTE: This is what Kim Porter told me in a telephone conversation MANY YEARS ago. And I don't believe she was lying. KNOW WHAT-- Let's break this up now.

"Because I CAN'T WITH AMERICANS," Boof accused. "I can't talk to ya'll -- Honestly. I don't give a f**k what you Americans believe. I'm SO SICK of telling you what's going on (or went on) in Hollywood and you acting like I'm speaking Yiddish. NO. BE CLEAR .... I only met Kim Porter once at a charity event. We had dinner. But we chatted on the telephone a few times and I believe everything that Kim told me. I have never forgotten. One time she was on the phone crying because she loved him so much & couldn't bring self to leave him. KNOW WHAT... Don't talk to Americans. Don't try to tell them anything. Just let them go on about their day. We're all LIARS even though we have nothing to gain. smh."

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