DJ Akademiks Claims He Killed Meek Mill's Career During Explosive Rant

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Celebrity Sightings In Philadelphia - April 02, 2019
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 02: Rapper Meek Mill is seen during REFORM Alliance campaign for criminal justice reform to introduce House Bill 1925 on April 2, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)
Ak absolutely hates the Philly rapper.

DJ Akademiks is having a bad week. The internet personality was sued for rape and defamation on May 14. He's denied these allegations adamantly, but social media already had a target painted on his back and criticized him relentlessly. Meek Mill shared his thoughts via X (formerly Twitter), calling Akademiks out for reporting on the bad behavior of rappers while allegedly committing similar acts. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ak went nuclear on the Philly rapper during his evening Twitch stream.

The internet personality did not hold back on Meek Mill. He not only claimed Meek is washed up, but confirmed that he enjoys seeing the rapper's new music repeatedly brick. "If I see you at the top of the charts, trust me I'm having a bad day," Akademiks said. "I laugh, I have a good time, I have my feet kicked up, I j*ck off to the fact that your career is six feet under." He goes as far as to say that he played a role in killing Meek's career. "Your career ain't coming back," he added. "I killed it. Drake killed it. Game killed it."

DJ Akademiks Dubs Meek Mill A "Weirdo"

DJ Akademiks referenced an incident in which Meek Mill slighted him a decade ago, and claimed the rapper should have thought twice about disrespecting him. "Any car you can get I can get, n**ga," he asserted. "Any house you can get, I can get. I got the same money, whatchu talking about... You should have respect."

It didn't stop there. DJ Akademiks gave an explanation as to why he despises Meek, then he revealed information about the Philly rapper. He claimed Meek made a big deal out of unfollowing him on X, but continued to follow other people in Ak's life. "You blocked me and followed my exes, you're a weirdo," he stated. "Remember, you said you had b*tches that had more followers than me." Ak went on to claim that he took $1 million out of Meek's label budget because of how hard he fell off, but that Meek could never do something like that to him.

The final blow during the Twitch stream was DJ Akademiks referencing to the line from Drake's "Back to Back." He took Drizzy's line about Meek's "Twitter fingers" and announced that the platform is where the rapper is going to spend the rest of his career. "You really gonna be on Twitter for the rest of ya f*cking life," he shouted at the screen. "Say goodbye to the charts." Akademiks has plenty of problems at the moment, but if there's one thing fans can't question, it's his hatred of Meek Mill.

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