Meek Mill & Akademiks Beef Timeline

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Meek Mill visits SiriusXM Studios on September 28, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) LONG BEACH, CA - NOVEMBER 03: DJ Akademiks attends 2018 ComplexCon-Day 1 at Long Beach Convention Center on November 3, 2018 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)
Looks like Meek Mill is over the beef anyways.

Numerous ups and downs have marked the dynamic between Meek Mill and Akademiks in recent years. Their ongoing feud escalated dramatically this year, culminating in Meek Mill blocking DJ Akademiks on X. The heated exchange between the two also played out extensively on the platform. For those unfamiliar with the origins of their conflict, here's a timeline outlining the evolution of their feud.

2017: The Everyday Struggle Interview

The beef between the Off the Record host and Meek Mill began in 2017 following the release of Meek’s Wins & Losses album. In a 2017 episode of Everyday Struggle, Akademiks detailed the start of the beef, asserting that it stemmed from his failure to adequately promote the album on his platform. “Meek, he didn’t appreciate I didn’t post his album,” he explained. “However, it was really confusing to me ’cause about six months ago, Meek had sent me a DM. Him and the rest of the ‘Chasers, they gave me a little digital jump and a light one. They said, ‘Listen, either post us this way or don’t post us at all.’”

Akademiks went on to say that Meek and the ‘Chasers soon began threatening him. He claims that that’s when he decided not to post the artist at all. “Next thing I’m seeing, they were threatening me,” he continued. ‘When I see him, I’ma gonna give him a wedgie, I’ma slap him.’ I’m like, ‘Oh shit! I think I’m posting them wrong.’ So, I stopped posting them.”

June-July 2020: Meek Mill Wants Akademiks Canceled

At the end of June 2020, Meek Mill attempted to get Akademiks canceled. He claimed that the host helped escalate beef that had gotten people killed and had never contributed positively to the culture. He took to X and wrote: “Akademiks canceled because he’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them… he also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gon holla at you next run champ lol.”

A few days later, Meek Mill threatened to “greenlight” Akademiks on X, claiming that the host only made money “off the trenches.” However, Akademiks turned the tables against Meek. In a live video, Akademiks admitted that he had called the police on Meek Mill for trying to green-light him. He stated: “Just remember that Meek Mill is nothing but a hypocrite… I know Ak is supposed to be the dude who like you could just get everything off on. Cool, I’m just trying to tell you that bro, I‘m just not into being bullied… Stop telling the world you’re greenlighting people and just do what you have to do. 'Cause when you said green lighting, I sent that to the police. I’m gonna be honest with you.”

December 2020: The End?

The beef between the rapper and host reached boiling point in December 2020 on the Clubhouse app. The two went toe to toe, exchanging harsh words. Meek Mill also used the opportunity to bring up Akademiks fueling beef with other rappers. Thankfully, rapper 21 Savage was also in the Clubhouse at the time and mediated between the two. 

After the chat, both Meek Mill and Akademiks took to X to praise 21 Savage for his commendable act. Meek wrote: “If you was there you know it was a great start for communication in hip hop! The way 21 handled it inspired me and was a good highlight!” Similarly, Akademiks also posted, “21 savage one of the realest n***as in Hip Hop. he can call a n***a on their bullshit but still fw then & accept them 4 what they r.. if anybody ever seen the convo we had ... we talked privately the same exact way. I appreciate a n***a being himself no matter who in the room.”

Following the peace that was brought finally between Meek Mill and Akademiks, the podcast host sat with The Breakfast Club two years later and praised 21 Savage once more for helping to squash the beef between him and Meek. “21 Savage did something I thought was very dope,” he began. “He gave this explanation, he said, ‘When two friends are going at it, if it goes far enough, you got to pick a side.’ And he basically said it was going to a point where he was going to be forced to be like, ‘Yo, are you really rocking with this nigga Ak or you rocking over here?’”

February 2024: Akademiks Calls Meek Mill Out

The beef between the two was reignited in February 2024, after Akademiks presented excerpts from a 73-page lawsuit against Diddy. In the document, Meek’s name was notably absent. However, Akademiks specifically referred to Meek as one of the persons mentioned in the suit. Akademiks called Meek out, stating: “you been tweeting about everything on planet Earth. If you don’t get a Twitter rant saying you about to get Lil Rod killed, you bout to shoot up his block, blow up his momma’s house… This n***a saying you and Diddy were fornicating! What the f**k? Meek!?”

Meek Mill, however, took offense in the video and immediately came after Akademiks on X. He ranted: “Akademiks didn't I tell you stop playing with my name… idk what ima do when I actually see you! It's gonna have a combination to it tho!” Soon after, Akademiks responded with a tweet of his own, showing his confusion as to why Meek was angry at him, especially since he didn’t believe the claims made in the lawsuit. 

What followed was an intense battle between the two on the platform. Their tweets were filled with harsh words and insults, with Meek even threatening the host’s life. Meek also called Akademiks an alcoholic, and the host in return, said that Meek had fallen off. He also insisted that Meek was only mad because there was speculation about his sexuality.

March 2024: Still At It

In early March, Akademiks went on live stream and called out Meek Mill for their ongoing beef on X. In the live stream, he then revealed that the police were present at his doorstep, and attributed and alleged that Meek had summoned them. Later in the month, the “Going Bad” rapper revealed on X that he planned to block Akademiks on the social media platform. Meek Mill eventually tweeted that he had finally followed through with his plans. Alongside a screenshot of him blocking Akademiks, he wrote: “Okay it’s over y’all I wanted to see how many days I could make a bad geek lose sleep lol I blocked him.” When Akademiks found out that he could no longer access Meek’s X page, he took it in stride. He happily declared himself the winner of their online war. He tweeted: “No Way Meek Mill blocked Me… I out tweeted Mr Twitter Fingers himself.”


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