Cam’rom And Mase Have Drake Still Winning Over Kendrick

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Cam'ron and Mase are iffy on Kendricks rebuttal.

Drake finally received a response from Kendrick Lamar. The song "Euphoria" has been released online, and fans are ecstatic that it is finally available. All in all, the song is quite critical, suggesting that Drake might have made a mistake in joining the conflict. Lamar delivered a song that was six minutes long with a ton of bars that picked apart Drake’s entire career. Drake is criticized in the song for being a "scam artist." It even addressed Drizzy's decision to avoid the spotlight with Pusha T. Overall, it's a scathing track, and now many are saying Kendrick is winning the feud. Cam’ron and Mase apparently think differently.

Cam’ron and Mase discussed the new diss track from Kendrick on their podcast, It Is What It Is. The two rappers turned podcasters and still think Drake is winning the beef, with Mase declaring that Kendrick took too long to respond. Drake put out two diss tracks in the past two and a half weeks. He was in hot water with Tupac Shakur’s estate over using AI to replicate the late rapper's voice. Drake has been playing the internet game and posting shots on the gram. All the while, fans have been waiting for a response from Kendrick.  Mase thinks the track was good but should have dropped sooner. 

Cam’Ron And Mase Discuss Kendrick Lamar’s  “Euphoria” 

Cam’ron asks Mase his general thoughts on the record, to which Mase says he thought it was “alright.” Moreover, Mase thought the record should have come out sooner and would have hit harder if it did. Cam’ron jokingly asked why Kendrick had to respond immediately when Mase waited so long to release his Cam’rin diss “Oracle” Back in the day. The two rappers got a good laugh in, and Mase had to collect himself. Ultimately, Mase says the diss didn't say anything new about Drake, indicating that much of what we heard on the track had been previously discussed. 

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef seems to only be getting started. Fans are dissecting Kendrick's diss as they await a response from Drake. Overall, this rap beef seems like it's great for Hip-Hop. Everyone has an opinion on the feud. The big question is now, where do both MCs go from here?


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