Dave East is a man who has been making waves in the hip-hop community so far in 2017 and, based on his upcoming collaborators, that hot streak isn’t about to cool anytime soon.

The emcee has already received support form the likes of Nas and Pusha T while also dropping some scalding hot solo tracks, including his most recent one called “Bipolar.” The NYC native has been pulling out all the stops when it comes to his performances, both on the road and in the studio, and that hard has paid off in a big way based on his latest co-sign: Drake.

In a recent interview with XXL, the Harlem native revealed he and Drizzy have some new music dropping soon. While he did admit that setting up a time to put their talents together on a record has been challenging based on the busy nature of their schedules, East told fans not to worry, because there will be something in store for them very soon. “We definitely got some music on the way,” the rapper said. Dave was quick to praise Drake as well, saying that the Canadian-born superstar has shown him “nothing but love” and called him “down to earth” as well. “Me being in my lane, and what I’ve been doing, that’s a win. It’s just dope that he respects what I’m doing. I respect what he’s doing,” East continued.

For a man who just dropped his first project for Def Jam in August, titled Paranoia: A True Story, East is looking to build on the success of that EP moving forward with higher-profile features on his next few singles and/or a solo project. When asked about Paranoia, Dave explained that that the title comes from the uncertainty of his future in music. “I’ve gotten to a point where I’m out the hood, I’m not broke every day,” he said, “I can pick what I want to eat, you know what I’m saying? I’m living how I dreamed of living now, so now it’s like the fear of the unknown. I don’t know what’s going to come with this now, you get what I’m saying?”

Make sure you check out our exclusive interview with Dave East below as well.

[via XXL]


Drake & Dave East Have A New Collaboration Coming Soon