"Baddies East" Reunion Trailer Shows Natalie Nunn, Sapphire & More Blasting Scarface

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Baddies East Reunion Trailer Hip Hop News
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Part 3 of the reality television show's reunion bash seems to have centered on one target, as unfair and petty as that sounds.

The Baddies East reunion is airing its third part this Sunday (February 25) on the Zeus Network at 8PM EST, and it looks like things couldn't be more targeted. Moreover, in a new trailer previewing the spicy drama to come, it seems like everyone has a bone to pick with Scarface. For example, she fought with Sapphire, Mariahlynn, and Ahna Mac, and Natalie Nunn blasted her for being broke and angry. We can't imagine that filming all of this was an easy or gratifying time for Scarface. But at least it gets people hooked to some degree, and they can spread that extra revenue around.

Also, it's important to note that this Baddies East reunion is not an excuse for everyone to dog on Scarface. There were plenty of other brawls and disagreements to witness in the first two parts. For example, Rollie and Camilla ended up throwing hands and airing each other out during this meet-up, which has its own history and baggage behind it unrelated to Scarface's. Even though a lot of people might see this reunion as a chance to explain old wounds and heal from them, it seems like the more cathartic answer is to settle them as scars once and for all.

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Baddies East Reunion Part 3 Trailer: Watch

Meanwhile, this Baddies East reunion also saw Tesehki get into a massive brawl that also roped Sukihana into things, as well as Scarface and some other familiar names. Things definitely feel a little more crowd-oriented than usual in these episodes. Before, issues between cast members usually centered themselves around just two people, sometimes going into two-against-one-offs or similarly isolated incidents. Regardless, this just feels like all-out chaos on occasion, and that's when newcomers realize the real appeal of these big reunions.

In other related news, there's currently a lot of drama going on with cast member Tee Kissen, Los Angeles Lakers played Christian Wood, and a friend they have in common. There was a domestic dispute over Wood's child with Tee's friend, with accusations of wrongdoing flying back and forth. We'll see if this yields any harsher consequences for whoever was truly responsible. On that note, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Baddies East.

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