Jaidyn Alexis Reacts To Blueface's Side Chick's Pregnancy Claims

Bonnie Lashay recently claimed to be pregnant with Blueface's fourth child.

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Blueface's recent arrest seems to have only amplified the rapper's ongoing relationship drama. After he turned himself in last month, Chrisean Rock began to take interest in him again, following months of near-constant feuding. The mother of one even recently got a massive tattoo of his mugshot on her face, making it clear that she's here to stay. It was a shocking and somewhat confusing move on her part, as Blueface just proposed to Jaidyn Alexis in October.

As of late, Jaidyn's been hard at work on her budding rap career, and seemingly unfazed by Blueface's incarceration. It's even been speculated that they've gone their separate ways in recent months, as she was seen kissing someone else at the club in January. Despite all of this, fans have been curious about how she feels about Chrisean's advances.

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Jaidyn Alexis Says She's "Up Now"

Recently, however, the situation got all the more messy. Earlier this week, a former Blue Girls Club contestant and self-proclaimed side chick named Bonnie Lashay took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. According to her, Blueface is the father, though this has yet to be confirmed. Previously, she also got a huge tattoo of Blueface's mugshot, though hers is on her backside. Considering some of Jaidyn's latest social media posts, she's not too thrilled about Bonnie's claims, and wishes she'd stop talking about Blueface altogether.

Jaidyn hopped on her Instagram Story earlier today to share her reaction, making her take on the debacle clear as day. "Shanika, shut the f*ck up, for the love of god," she began, giggling while addressing Bonnie by her government name. "Oh please, b*tch. H*e, please." She went on to Tweet about her own success, suggesting that she's mostly unbothered by the rumors. "B*tch I'm up now give a f*ck what ya think tuh!" she wrote. What do you think of Jaidyn Alexis' reaction to Bonnie Lashay claiming to be pregnant with Blueface's child? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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