Sometimes, the world may seem like a bleak, unforgiving place. Yet humanity, when united over a common cause, can come together to overcome even the seemingly strongest adversity. In these moments, it’s almost easy to forget some of the wild shit that’s popping off all over the globe. Yet with so much social unrest going on in America, it’s almost crazy to think that nature ended up delivering the most powerful blow to the country’s morale. With back to back hurricanes Harvey and Irma decimating Houston and Florida respectively, the destruction both forces left behind caused massive financial and emotional damage. Apparently, damages caused by the hurricanes will total to over 200 billion. 

And while nothing can erase the trauma and suffering brought up by such a harrowing experience, the recent “Hand In Hand” effort took measures to alleviate some of the pain. In a telethon organized by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and legendary Houston rapper Bun B, “Hand In Hand” found big names like Drake, DJ Khaled (and Asahd) Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and more teaming up to take donations in the name of hurricane relief.

The one-hour event brought out several high-profile donations, including $5 million from Apple, and $20,000 from Houston Rockets star Chris Paul. In addition to Paul’s donation, the NBA Player’s Association donated $500,000. The event aired on all four major television networks, and featured pleas from Beyonce and Solange, two of Houston’s biggest artists. In total, the telethon raised over $44 million dollars in hurricane relief, and while that might not cover the astronomical damage costs, it’s a damn good start. 

Massive props to everyone involved in coming together, as well as to everyone who stepped up and donated their own money to the cause. Donations are still being accepted on the Hand In Hand website, so if you’re feeling generous, you can check that out.

Hand In Hand

"Hand In Hand" Telethon Secures $44 Million For Hurricane Relief