Adin Ross' Joe Budden Rant Leads To Back And Forth With Concerned Twitter User

Adin seems to always be at the centre of some sort of drama so far this year.

BYHayley Hynes
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After issuing a video clapping back at Joe Budden for his comments on Kai Cenat and the streaming community, Adin Ross is certainly feeling the heat online. Nevertheless, he remains as unbothered as possible when responding to his critics, pointing out flaws in their logic while standing his ground. "Feed your kids old man, nobody reading that. I respect all my OG's and all of the elders, but when [you] come at me first I clap back harder. Get out [your] feelings," he wrote in response to one lengthy tweet from a Budden supporter.

"Listen @adinross, you are a Whyte man asking a Black man who has a storied 20+ years in hip-hop, 'Who are you? What have you done?' Like, just think about that," the original post says. "Ni**a, mind your f**kin business. Joe Budden spoke on the same thing the entire world was speaking on, but since y'all look at him a certain way, y'all get sensitive. You and the likes of you need to start speaking with some respect regarding hip-hop's greats. GOATs. Foundation layers. And yes, Joe was the ni**a in your field on top of the streaming game before streaming was even a thing," his rant continued.

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Adin Ross Isn't Here to Debate with Twitter Trolls

In a later tweet, Ross expressed discomfort that the OP was making the issue about race. "Yes, I'm a White boy and you're a Black boy, I get it. I'm looking at your picture, you look like a thumb. Nobody cares, also, Joe Budden doesn't know who you [are] or care about you. Feed [your] children, get off Twitter," the content creator doubled down.

His response to Joe Budden and the rapper-turned-podcaster's supporters isn't the only thing keeping Adin Ross in the headlines. Recent incidents with 21 Savage and Playboi Carti are also proving to boost his popularity after the former scammed Ross during a card game, and the latter left their stream after just a few minutes. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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