Blac Chyna, best known as a reality TV star before entering into a relationship with PR ne’er do well Rob Kardashian, looks to be expanding her repertoire to include some sort of stake in the rap game. Her recording sessions have been talked about in hushed tones over the last little while, with hip-hop figures like Joe Budden and Young Berg joining her in the studio to lend a hand laying down some of the new material. Oddly enough, Blac Chyna has been kind of silent when it comes to her new musical venture since the process was rumored to have started, but that has all changed now. Two pictures of her latest studio session were shared on social media last night (September 11th) and, by the looks of things, Chyna is taking her rapping quite seriously.

The photos originally surfaced on Snapchat but made their way onto other social media platforms. One of those was the Instagram account of A1 Bentley, who is supposedly acting as a producer on the new project. That’s quite a get for Chyna, as the man behind the board has worked on records with the likes of Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Kid Ink, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, Omarion and many more. At this point, it’s not clear exactly what kind of sound Chyna will be going for in terms of instrumentation, but it’s clear that, with a resume as diverse as Bentley’s he’ll be able to adapt and adhere to whatever the model and TV personality is bringing to the table.

For those looking to compare Blac Chyna’s forthcoming album to a similar story, perhaps Cardi B would be the most apt comparison. Cardi has rocked the hip-hop world with her unexpected rise to prominence on the strength of her single “Bodak Yellow,” a trajectory that might be in the cards for Chyna is all the pieces come together for her. It’s a far cry from the woman who allegedly tried to ride off in her former beau’s whip during a divorce proceeding, but thankfully Rob’s Range Rover still sits in his garage. As far as Blac Chyna’s music career is concerned, the future is now.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Shares Studio Picture From Album Recording Session