It's no secret that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's relationship very publicly went down in flames, with the latter launching into a revenge porn-laden tirade on social media that resulted in some bitter back-and-forth. Represented by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, Chyna is in the midst of a contentious custody battle with Rob and, according to a new report form TMZ, she's leaving no option unexplored in terms of what she can get out of her ex.

As per two sources who were eyewitnesses, Chyna and Kardashian tried to work out their custody situation at the law offices of Laura Wasser, the Century City lawyer who represents Rob. Things clearly didn't go as planned however, as the day ended with Chyna trying to jack Rob's Range Rover on her way out. Apparently, the male member of one of Hollywood's most powerful families called ahead for the valet to bring his car to the front, but he wanted to wait until Chyna left the premises before he went on his way. After one of her lawyers advised her that driving away in Rob's whip would be an ill-advised move where her case is concerned, the valet helped get her out of the car so that cooler heads could prevail. 

Bloom is insisting that Chyna did not attempt to drive away with the vehicle and didn't even get inside, contrary to the eyewitness accounts of the situation, but she did admit that her client became quite agitated when she saw the Range Rover pulling up to the building, since it is a vehicle that she had gifted Rob when they were still together. Interestingly, Rob supposedly gave Chyna a Ferrari and a Lambo, both of which she returned to him after their relationship ended, but Rob is still holding on to that Rover.

This isn't the first Blac Chyna blow-up we've heard about over the last little while. She allegedly frightened a neighbor of hers so badly that they called the cops on Chyna, who was displeased with the noise emanating from the construction being done on the adjacent property. Between that and the custody battle, it looks like Chyna is far from removed from the drama in her life.