Moneybagg Yo Cheating Allegations Confuse Rapper: "We Peaceful & Happy Over Here"

Bagg and his long-time partner Ari Fletcher are still going strong, despite what the Instagram police think they have on him.

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Moneybagg Yo and Ari Host Medusa

Moneybagg Yo isn't perfect, but the multi-talent won't let the internet ruin his name for no reason. Like most of his contemporaries, the lyricist has been accused of infidelity in the past, though he and Ari Fletcher admit to opening up their bedroom for others to join them on occasion, which seems to curb that issue in their relationship. Ahead of the holiday season, Bagg's other half hinted at them being married for two years now, despite her previously explaining her aversion to tying the knot.

No matter what their marital status is, the 32-year-old made it clear earlier this week that he's not being disloyal to Fletcher, despite what "receipts" social media sleuths think they have on him. "I don't even [know] who [the f**k that] is bra. [Please] leave me alone [with] all [that] type s**t," Bagg said in response to photos of an anonymous woman posing in front of the same pool as him going viral. "We peaceful and happy over here," the Memphis native added, seemingly referring to his union with Ari.

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Moneybagg Yo Denies Knowing Alleged Fling

In @hollywoodunlocked's comments, many are pointing out that the images don't tell enough to make up a narrative. "That’s literally Sean Kingston’s home where he had a party at in Miami smh," one person pointed out. "These folks feen for dirt on him so they can clown Ari and see another woman hurt." Another chimed in with, "Man this was at a birthday party. That man don’t know her, she came because my friend who is the birthday boy sister invited her. Shorty was in and out."

Before Moneybagg Yo had to worry about people spreading rumours regarding his relationship with Ari Fletcher, the Hard to Love hitmaker was keeping a close eye on his other half. Before she could post her salacious ceiling challenge video, Bagg advised her to not "get f**ked up." Read what else the Southern superstar had to say at the link below. Make sure to check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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