Jaidyn Alexis' "Barbie" Success Has Her Feeling "Blessed," E-40 Defends Her Meals For Blueface

Jaidyn Alexis has come a long way in only a few months.

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Jaidyn Alexis has come a long way since debuting her first single "Stewie" under Blueface's MILF Music label back in June. As of late, she's been enjoying the successes of her most recent track "Barbie," which has managed to make waves since its release last month. The mother of two recently hopped on Twitter to look back at where she first began, celebrating how far she's come.

"I rode my first pj when I shot barbie now Barbie keep putting me on them," she wrote earlier this week. "Blessed, protected n focused." Obviously, her journey hasn't come without obstacles, as Blueface's fiancée frequently faces criticism from all angles. Regardless, it's clear that the 25-year-old doesn't plan on slowing down, particularly after achieving what she has with "Barbie."

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Jaidyn Alexis Looks Back At How Far She's Come

Some of the criticism Jaidyn receives on the regular relates to her cooking skills. The father of her children often shows off the meals she prepares for him online, prompting some discussion among users. In the past, she's been docked for lack of presentation, seasoning, and more. Despite the negative feedback, her fans continue to come to her defense. Many note how her busy lifestyle can be tough to balance. Others argue that there's nothing wrong with the meals she's cooking up for her family, as everybody has their own preferences.

One person who's on Jaidyn's team these days is none other than E-40, who weighed in on the new rapper's cuisine in a recent chat with TMZ. According to him, he whips up plenty of "ghetto" meals himself and doesn't see a problem with what Jaidyn has been coming up with. "What's wrong with that?" he wondered, looking confused by the prompt.

E-40 Says There's Nothing Wrong With Jaidyn's Cooking

What do you think of the success of Jaidyn Alexis' song "Barbie?" Are you a fan of the track? What about her cooking skills? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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