Cardi B Threatens To Sue Over AI Ad: "I Love Easy Money"

"Another lawsuit that fell right on my lap," Cardi B says.

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Cardi B recently took to Twitter to call attention to an advertisement that used artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate her voice. The ad urges viewers to "pay attention" to Cardi's advice in order to receive $16K, which her fans note sounds a bit too good to be true. It looks like the rapper agrees, and never approved of the advertisement being created. Moreover, she appears to be considering taking legal action over the debacle, which could mean trouble for the ad's creators.

"AI is cr*zy smh," she wrote. "Another lawsuit that fell right on my lap… I love easy money." It's no secret that as AI continues to advance, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to take advantage of unwitting celebrities' fanbases. Cardi has made it clear, however, that she won't be letting this one slide. This is far from the first time an artist has publicly taken issue with AI, as fans just recently saw Bad Bunny tear into a viral song that used the technology to replicate his vocals.

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Cardi B Says Lawsuit "Fell Right On [Her] Lap"

The Puerto Rican performer ranted to fans in his WhatsApp group earlier this month, letting them know that if they really support him, they won't be listening to the A.I. track. “If you guys liked that sh*t of a song that’s viral on TikTok, leave this group right now,” he explained in Spanish. “You don’t deserve to be my friends (sic)," he added before telling fans of the viral song to "'chu chu’ out of" the group.

It seems as though Cardi feels similarly about the issue, and is willing to go to court to rest her case. What do you think of Cardi B threatening to take legal action over the A.I. ad? Do you think her anger is justified, or is she overreacting? Has artificial intelligence gone too far? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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