Chrisean Rock Speaks On Tamar Braxton Concert Fight After Getting Fake Tooth Resealed: Watch

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"Why everybody storytelling?" Rock asked earlier this weekend as allegations began pouring out.

No matter how far Chrisean Rock pushes the boundaries of others, there always seem to be some of her fans who are willing to stand behind the Baltimore native. From constantly reconciling with Blueface to now, allegedly punching James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton's concert, Rock seemingly can talk her way out of any situation, often failing to take accountability for her role in the drama. The black-haired beauty's weekend began on a high note after getting her fake tooth resealed at the dentist, but as it comes to a close today (November 12), she's found herself defending her behaviour at the R&B icon's show to the masses.

After getting her smile right (as shown in the video below), Rock hit up French Montana's birthday party to turn up with him and other celebrities. That event seemingly went down without a hitch, but we can't say the same for the live performance the mother of one attended in her hometown on Friday (November 10) night. Initial reports allege that there was a misunderstanding between Chrisean and Tamar about whether the younger artist would be joining her on stage to perform. When she wasn't able to sing one of her tracks for the crowd, Rock reportedly reacted by punching Wright several times, sending him to the hospital.

Chrisean Rock Has Her Fake Tooth Resealed

"I don't get disrespectful till you get disrespectful," the reality starlet wrote in a since-deleted tweet. While going Live, she further addressed the situation. "I don't know what's going on, and why ni**as is popping like I'm not just a female," she vented. "The clout-chasing s**t is getting out of hand. It was nothing between me and Tamar... I don't know, it was just like wicked stuff started happening."

New Mom Addresses Situation at Tamar Braxton's Show

"Please don't believe the false narrative, I had a great time last night," Chrisean Rock wrote in a tweet on Saturday afternoon. "I gotta work on [not giving] my energy [and] clout to my enemies," she later reflected on Sunday morning. Do you think the 23-year-old will face criminal charges for this weekend's antics? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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