King Harris' New Teeth Get Roasted By T.I.

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2023 Congressional Black Caucus
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 22: Rapper/actor T.I. Harris speaks during the Young, Gifted, and Black: the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop panel at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference on September 22, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
The rapper couldn't help himself when the topic came up.

T.I. couldn't help but clown his son, King Harris, over the latter's new teeth. During an appearance on The Baller Alert Show, King was asked about his newly-whitened teeth. However, before he could respond, T.I. jumped in with some roasts. "Well, the tooth of the matter is..." his father said, leading to several minutes of jokes from everyone involved. Highlights included "Toothpac Shakur" and "Queen Lateethfah". Despite this, King took it all as good fun and quickly fired off some shots of his own at the show hosts.

Of course, this is not the first time King has been razzed for getting some teeth work done. Earlier this year, social media had a field day razzing him for his new veneers. However, in that instance, his family was actually on his side. Notably, his parents said they were happy for him and excited that he had undergone the procedure.

T.I. And King Promote Upcoming Movie

Meanwhile, some mouth-based roasting is not the only thing the father-son duo have been up to. The aforementioned interview was in service of promoting T.I.'s upcoming directorial debut, Da'Partments. First announced in 2021, the film reached a distribution agreement with the freemium streaming site Tubi earlier this year. T.I. has described the show as an "unapologetic hood comedy" and hinted that his 18-year-old son King will have a role in the show. Early promotional materials also highlighted several other individuals appearing in the show. Of note are comedians Henry Welch, Arnesto Ross, and Throwed Off Juan. However, as noted by T.I., the show will also feature a number of up-and-coming, or at least under-the-radar, actors and performers from the Atlanta area.

In subsequent interviews, T.I. has said that the film explores "everyday struggles of the underprivileged and the enchantment hidden within an apartment complex." While the film does not yet have a release date, the rapper will reportedly be talking more about it at the upcoming ComplexCon. However, an extended trailer is available online.


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