T.I.'s Daughter Isn't Happy He Joked About King Harris' Teeth

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"He's a growing boy, he'll grow into it," T.I. explained in a fit of laughter.

In a new clip, T.I. discusses his son King Harris' famous new set of teeth during an interview. The 18-year-old unveiled his new smile earlier this week, quickly gaining the attention of social media users. Many are now clowning the young rapper online, claiming that they look unnatural, too large, too white, etc. With that being said, T.I. claims that King decided to save up his own money to go through with the procedure, and he has respect for his son for doing so.

He explained how he was giving his son praise when he revealed his teeth to him, later revealing what his mother's reaction was. "Why the hell is they so damn big?" he recalls Tiny asking her son. They went on to tell some lighthearted jokes about his son's new smile. "He's a growing boy, he'll grow into it," T.I. explained in a fit of laughter.

Heiress Harris Tells Her Father Not To Make Fun Of King

Someone else even chimed in, claiming that they should call him "Teef Keef" from now on. As the group chuckles about King's viral pearly whites, one of his other children pipes up. His 7-year-old daughter, Heiress Harris, enters the room, telling them to stop making fun of her sibling. "Don't talk about my brother like that," she adorably demands.

Heiress isn't the only family member to have come to King's defense amid the clowning. Tiny shared a clip of her son recently, revealing his new smile to the family, writing a message to haters. “Had to post slide 2 for the #BigTeethPatrol to show his smile been asf before; they’re just white now. Either way, he loves them and that’s all that matters,“ she wrote. “Regardless to what he does," she continued, "everyone always seem to have their personal perspective of him, which is fine. -But y’all don’t really know him frfr, truth is real [ninja emoji] fwh and the ladies love ‘em!”

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